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Section 2257 Compliance

Under Section 2257 of Title 18 the U.S. Code, any publisher or producer of printed, photographed, or video-recorded material in which one or more people are engaged in a sexually explicit act must produce and maintain an individual record of the performers involved. One of the primary purposes of §2257 is to ensure that the correct age and identification of the performer has been placed in a permanent record. Such records must be made available to the Attorney General upon demand for inspection or investigation.

Section 2257 compliance has become an intrusion into the lives of consenting adults and has disrupted profitable operations of legal adult entertainment businesses across the nation. It has had the effect of forcing adult networking websites off the Internet, and has resulted in heavy fines and penalties for business owners not found to be in compliance. If you are involved in a legal issue regarding §2257 compliance, or other matters relating to the application of your First Amendment rights involving adult entertainment, we are here to help.

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Section 2257 compliance laws are complex

We handle every kind of litigation case involving §2257 and violations of the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1988. We can clearly explain how the law applies to your circumstances, and help you conform to provisions of the Act. In the event you have run into conformance violation issues, we work with constitutional experts, private investigators and government consultants to help prepare and defend your business. We think that your First Amendment rights are worth protecting. Let us help.

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